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Helping You Carry The Burden After Wrongful Death

After the loss of a loved one, filing a wrongful death lawsuit may feel like an impossible task. You want justice and closure. You want your family to be compensated for all the financial expense and emotional suffering you’ve endured. But wading through the legal details seems like too much to think about.

Hand over the burden to Massaro Law. Our Greensburg law firm will carry the weight of your legal worries, providing empathetic help every step of the way. While we negotiate or litigate on your behalf, field phone calls, file paperwork and address other issues, you can get back to focusing on your family.

“My job is to make the legal process less intimidating for those facing daunting odds or challenges. I am here for you all the way. Let me provide the one-on-one advice and assistance you need.” — Attorney Joseph Massaro

Help With Related Areas Of Law

At Massaro Law, our lawyers can do more for you than advocate for justice and compensation after a loved one’s death. We can also provide knowledgeable guidance through the Pennsylvania probate or estate administration process. Because our attorneys handle both personal injury law and probate law, you don’t have to worry about retaining two different law firms to assist you with the two different matters. Our attorneys can do it all.

We’re Ready To Listen

When you need someone to listen to your story and advise you about your legal options, look no further than Massaro Law. We care about you and your family. Call our office at 724-834-5500, or contact us online to arrange a free consultation about any wrongful death case.
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