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One Dog Bite Can Create Countless Problems

Although an animal attack may be over in a matter of seconds, it can sometimes have a lifelong impact. Dog bites often create unsightly scars that may require a costly series of surgeries to correct. If your child was the one attacked, he or she may need psychological counseling to help him or her overcome the emotional trauma. Even a minor bite can run up expensive medical bills.

Don’t hesitate to assert your rights after a dog attack in Pennsylvania. Massaro Law can help you do so. Our Greensburg law firm cares about you and your future, and we will vigorously advocate for maximum compensation for you.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to help you overcome your legal problems. Obtaining justice and compensation for you makes it all worthwhile for me.” — Lead attorney Joseph Massaro

We Understand This Complex Area Of Law

Pennsylvania laws are quite complicated when it comes to animals. For instance, while the law demands that owners keep their pets confined on their property, this confinement law does not apply to pets that are on hunting trips or engaged in field training. Likewise, the law states that the owner must take appropriate precautions if the dog is prone to be aggressive. If the owner is negligent in this regard, he or she may be held liable. However, if the victim was trespassing or intentionally provoked the dog, the law may not hold the owner liable after all. The bottom line is that you need a lawyer to sort through the details and make sure you receive everything you deserve for your injuries. Call our Greensburg office at 724-834-5500, or email us to set up a free consultation about your dog bite case. Our attorneys look forward to speaking with you today.
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