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Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Workers’ Comp Benefits

Most Pennsylvania employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This isn’t an insurance policy that you have to purchase. Instead, it is purchased by your employer and intended to cover work-related injuries and illnesses. You should never feel bad about filing a workers’ compensation claim — that’s why your employer pays for the coverage in the first place. At Massaro Law in Greensburg, we can help you pursue the wage-loss benefits (money) you need to make up for your time off work. We can also help you seek medical benefits (medical care) so that you can recover from your injuries as fully as possible. Our lawyers handle workers’ compensation cases involving a wide array of work-related injuries and health conditions, including:
  • Repetitive trauma injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Falls from scaffolds, heavy equipment accidents and other construction worker injuries
  • Herniated disks and other back injuries
  • Auto accidents while driving company vehicles during work hours
  • Mesothelioma, hepatitis B and other occupational illnesses

Are You Eligible For Even More Money?

Workers’ compensation is good, but it is limited. It doesn’t provide any money to reimburse you for your pain and suffering, for instance. In some situations, however, you can file a personal injury lawsuit in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. This can give you the ability to collect money for your pain and suffering, and other damages.

If you were injured by a third party (someone other than your employer or co-workers), you likely have a personal injury case. Here are a few examples:

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