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Young man faces felony charges over death of 12-year-old girl

When someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle and doesn't take steps to pay attention and put down his or her devices, it puts others at risk. Drivers who text or participate in activities other than driving when they're behind the wheel may not see trouble approaching. They may miss stop signs or run red lights, causing serious crashes.

Take for example this case. A 21-year-old man was allegedly texting to his friends when he allowed his vehicle to go off the road and onto the shoulder on Route 248. On the shoulder, a 12-year-old child was walking home with her siblings.

Preparing for winter driving: Keeping your car prepped

Winter driving is dangerous at the best of times, so being prepared is key. Whether it's a blizzard outside or you're driving on a sunny winter day, there are risks to prepare for.

Remember that even if it's sunny outside, ice could still be a hazard. Rely on temperatures, not whether or not the sun is out, to determine if ice is a possibility. If you don't consider that ice could be on the roads due to the sunny conditions, you could end up sliding or skidding off the road.

Overdose victim's family files lawsuit against sober-living house

The family of a victim of an overdose has chosen to sue the sober-living facility where she was living. According to the news from Nov. 13, the parents of the young woman, 21, knew that she was moving into a group home that claimed it was there to help people stay clean. The young woman had just finished a drug and alcohol treatment program.

The home she chose to move into, Bright Futures Sober Living Homes, claimed that it was a structured environment that would help her retain her sobriety. The home claimed that it would ask her to submit to drug tests randomly. The home allegedly had strict curfews and in-house meetings to help keep individuals on track.

What kind of infections do dog bites cause?

Every year, around 2 percent of the American population suffers from dog bites. With around 77.5 million dogs within the country, it would be difficult to prevent them all from occurring. One thing that is particularly important to remember is that regardless of the dog's nature, all dogs have a propensity to bite when they are ill, mistreated, angry or scared.

No matter what the situation is or was, if you're attacked by a dog, you are at risk of a few illnesses. Bite wounds need medical treatment, because there is a risk of infection that could cause serious complications. While the first and primary infection people worry about is rabies, that actually isn't the only potentially deadly infection you could get from a dog bite. You could also be open to developing tetanus or other bacterial infections.

Nursing errors patients need to watch out for

When nurses and doctors are new to the job, it's not uncommon for them to make errors. This is partially why some medical providers go through years of training in hospitals doing rounds with other professionals. The people who have been working in the field longer help train them and catch mistakes to prevent patients from suffering from injuries.

In nursing, that's not always the case, though. While nurses get some practical training before they're helping people on their own, there's still a risk that they may make mistakes that injure patients.

Compensation for victims of nursing home abuse and malpractice

When a Pennsylvania family places a loved one in a nursing home, it is crucial to do a careful review of the facility, staff and type of care that the family member will be receiving. However, despite due diligence on the part of the patient's family, nursing homes can actually be the source of great trauma and injury to the people who live there.

If you suspect that your loved one is not receiving quality care at his or her nursing home, you have the right to take action. In fact, you could have grounds for a civil claim if you have evidence to prove negligence or any other type of abuse. The mistreatment or neglect of nursing home residents is unacceptable, and as a family member, you do not have to stand for it.

After a dog bite, you can help your child heal emotionally

There is nothing worse than seeing your child suffer from severe injuries from a neighborhood pet. You normally trust your neighbors and allow your child to greet them and their pets when they see them, but today was different. The dog was tired or wanted to protect its owner, and in doing so, your child got hurt.

When a child suffers a dog bite, he or she may struggle with the emotional side of the injury for some time. It's not just the physical injuries that you have to worry about. He or she may struggle to feel normal and may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which could present with nightmares or night terrors, a fear of animals or other symptoms.

How to avoid deadly car accidents during the fall season

Driving in the fall season offers quite a bit of beauty to enjoy. It can also be one of the most dangerous times of the year to get behind the wheel. From an influx of deer to back-to-school traffic, the fall season brings with it a lot of hazards that can cause some tragic and deadly car accidents in the Greensburg area.

The Northeast offers some of the most dramatic foliage one could ask for in the fall. Because of this, many people take to the roads for scenic drives throughout Pennsylvania. Another thing the autumn season is known for is an influx of deer. It's mating season for deer, which means they will be out in abundance at dawn and dusk. Keep your eyes peeled when driving at these times for deer on the side of the road.

Children's hospital to pay $11.3 million for delayed diagnosis

When a child is hurt, it's important that he or she is taken care of. Many parents turn to medical providers for help. They rush to emergency rooms, hurry to private practices and call nurse hotlines with frantic requests.

The most horrifying thing for a parent to find out is that delays in service or misdiagnoses have led to their children suffering serious injuries. In those cases, the parents are well within their rights to file a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of their children. Children are vulnerable, and they rely on their parents and those around them to support and care for them effectively. That's why this case is so important.

Pedestrians have a right to cross the road safely

In Pennsylvania, there are laws that were created to protect pedestrians. Pedestrians are some of the most at-risk people on or near the roads. They have no protection against an accident, and accidents tend to cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Vehicle drivers must yield to the right-of-way of pedestrians in marked or unmarked crosswalks, according to state law. Failing to do so results in two points being added to their driver's license and a fine of $50. As a pedestrian, you need to know what a crosswalk is, so you can cross safely.

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