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What can you expect from your employer after a work accident?

After an accident in your workplace, you may feel overwhelmed and confused by what you should do next. You could have a rightful claim to benefits through your employer's workers' compensation insurance, but you may be unsure how you should proceed and file a claim. Many Pennsylvania workers find it beneficial to learn what they can expect from the process and what they can expect from their employers.

Most employers have the requirement of carrying workers' compensation insurance. However, the responsibilities of your employer likely go well beyond just having the right type of insurance coverage. Understanding the duties of employers regarding work accidents and post-accident care may help you more effectively navigate the claims process.

Distracted driving: A difficult and growing problem

Distracted driving continues to be a serious issue in Pennsylvania and everywhere across the country. This type of behavior leads to higher chances of a fatal car accident, and when a driver looks at his or her phone, even for a second, it can greatly increase the likelihood of a collision. In fact, fatal motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among teens, and many of these incidents were caused by or involved distracted driving.

Despite the fact that most people understand the risk associated with distracted driving, both teen and adult drivers continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. Statistics indicate that simple awareness of the dangers of driving while distracted may not be enough to effectively combat the problem.

Heart attacks in women often misdiagnosed

When Pennsylvania women go the emergency room, they likely expect to receive a diagnosis and appropriate care for the medical condition they have. However, misdiagnosis is not uncommon, and can lead to serious medical complications, expensive medical treatment and other issues.

One of the most commonly misdiagnosed conditions is heart attacks, especially in women. Despite the fact that the number one cause of death for women in the United States is heart disease, many doctors misinterpret the signs of a heart attack and miss the chance to treat it. If you suffered because doctors missed the signs of your heart attack, you could have grounds to move forward with a medical malpractice claim.

Do weather conditions really cause many crashes?

Weather is a real danger to drivers. Whether it's the hottest day of late or a total downpour, all weather poses a threat of some kind to drivers.

Take for example a sunny day. The sun shining has the potential to reflect off objects and temporarily blind drivers. Those drivers, unable to see, could end up causing a crash.

AAA study links high-tech dashboards to distracted driving

If you own or have recently been in a late model vehicle, you may have noticed that the dashboard console is considerably more advanced than you've seen in the past. These vehicle "infotainment systems" aim to make for a better driving experience, with numerous features and touch-screen controls, but are these high-tech dashboards taking our eyes off the road?

According to a recent study by AAA, the answer is yes. Evidence suggests that drivers who use these systems are distracted for an average of 40 seconds. For context, in that period of time, if you were traveling at just 25 miles an hour, you could cover the length of four football fields. It's an alarming statistic that offers a view into a growing area of motor vehicle accident risk.

Child awarded over $40 million for spinal injury

When giving birth, there are many things that can go wrong. Fortunately, with a vigilant medical provider with good experience, it's possible to reduce or eliminate the risk of complications.

That didn't happen in this case, and as a result, a jury as awarded a substantial sum to a child and her family. A child who developed a spinal cord injury during birth has been awarded $40.3 million in Pennsylvania. The little girl and her twin were born at Delaware County Memorial Hospital.

What makes a dog a dangerous dog?

When you think of a dangerous dog, what comes to mind? Is it a dog that barks all the time, one that seems aggressive on a leash or one that has a history of causing harm to other animals or people? Dangerous dogs can be all of these things and more.

The Pennsylvania dog laws state that dangerous dogs are any animals determined to be dangerous under the law's Section 502-A. This section states that a dangerous dog is more specifically one that has attacked a person or pet (a domestic animal) without provocation. After the attack, a judge can charge the owner with harboring a dangerous dog.

Wrongful deaths can be financially devastating

You never expect someone you love to pass away suddenly. Sure, it happens to other families, but you'd never think it could happen to yours.

If someone you love is killed in an accident in Pennsylvania, you may be able to recover damages thanks to the Wrongful Death Act. This act helps you recover certain expenses and losses that have resulted from your loved one's injury and eventual death.

Are operating rooms required to be silent?

When you go to the hospital for a surgery, something you should wonder about is how much noise there is in the operating room. Interestingly, there are actually recommendations for how loud operating rooms should be. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has previously recommended that the continuous background noise in hospitals should be limited to 45 decibels, which is still enough to disrupt someone's concentration.

There are many reasons for distractions and noise in the operating room. Environmental factors include medical equipment and devices, monitors, wireless communication systems, computers and other related devices. Technological devices such as pagers and cellphones add to the noise level in a room along with the potential for distractions.

SUV leaves the road, hits garage and kills 1 in crash

It's always tragic news when you find out that a young person lost his or her life in a car crash. Many of these accidents are preventable, making the death frustrating to everyone involved in the case.

This case is no different. According to a Jan. 2 news report, a 17-year-old woman was killed on New Year's Eve in a collision near Manheim. The young woman died because of multiple traumatic injuries, reported the coroner in Lancaster County. After the autopsy, the death was reported as accidental.

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