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What can you expect from your employer after a work accident?

After an accident in your workplace, you may feel overwhelmed and confused by what you should do next. You could have a rightful claim to benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, but you may be unsure how you should proceed and file a claim. Many Pennsylvania workers find it beneficial to learn what they can expect from the process and what they can expect from their employers.

Most employers have the requirement of carrying workers’ compensation insurance. However, the responsibilities of your employer likely go well beyond just having the right type of insurance coverage. Understanding the duties of employers regarding work accidents and post-accident care may help you more effectively navigate the claims process.

The role of your employer in workers’ compensation

Even before an employee needs to file a claim for a work-related injury or occupational illness, an employer has to do certain things to meet his or her obligations regarding workers’ compensation. He or she also has a specific role in the event of an injury in the workplace. Some of these include the following:

  • Your employer has to post a copy of his or her compliance with workers’ compensation laws in a place where employees can easily access it.
  • You can expect your employer to provide or call for emergency medical treatment if necessary after an accident in the workplace.
  • Any employer has to mail a report of the accident to the appropriate workers’ compensation office and comply with any requests for additional information.

Your employer cannot prevent you from seeking necessary medical care, and he or she cannot attempt to dissuade you from filing a claim after a work accident. Upon accepting workers’ compensation benefits, you relinquish the right to sue your employer. It is prudent to have a full understanding of the most appropriate legal options available to you before you move forward with a claim.

You do not have to tolerate retaliation

It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim. He or she cannot fire you, demote you, pay you less or treat you inappropriately solely on the basis of seeking your rightful benefits.

If you believe you have grounds to seek workers’ compensation benefits after an accident, you may find it beneficial to seek guidance as you traverse this process and pursue the financial support you deserve for a full and fair recovery.

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