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Pennsylvania town shaken by series of head-on collisions

A Pennsylvania town east of Greensburg is struggling to understand why a recent series of deadly crashes happened and if it should expect more. The three head-on collisions took place within a small area near Waynesboro over the past couple of weeks.

Four local residents were killed and others suffered serious injuries in the crashes. Although law enforcement officials will not speculate about the causes of the violent collisions, a trooper said, “Speeding, aggressive driving, and distracted driving are all contributing factors to fatal crashes.”

Some observers wonder if any of the head-on crashes were caused by a driver experiencing medical issues. The Franklin County coroner said he is unable to determine if medical problems were factors without autopsies.

He added the county wouldn’t order autopsies without someone footing the bill. “We are not going to spend $2,000 to answer that question when it doesn’t change the outcome,” he said.

newspaper report stated that police have made preliminary determinations that driver error caused each of the three fatal collisions.

The trooper noted that distracted drivers are an increasing problem. “With all the current driving distractions, paying attention behind the wheel is more crucial now than ever before,” he said. “When you put yourself in the driver’s seat of a vehicle, you are responsible for anything and everything that occurs while you are behind the wheel.”

Far too often, people pay more attention to their phone than they do to the road, traffic and weather conditions. The result can be crashes, injuries and, as in these three cases, tragic loss of life.

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