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Wrongful deaths can be financially devastating

You never expect someone you love to pass away suddenly. Sure, it happens to other families, but you’d never think it could happen to yours.

If someone you love is killed in an accident in Pennsylvania, you may be able to recover damages thanks to the Wrongful Death Act. This act helps you recover certain expenses and losses that have resulted from your loved one’s injury and eventual death.

What kinds of damages can you seek after your loved one’s death?

Different types of damages that may be sought include bills, lost wages and compensation for the loss of companionship or comfort that the individual would have provided his or her family. Under the law, a family can seek compensation for hospital bills, burial expenses, funeral costs and estate administration expenses. Compensation for pecuniary losses and wage losses is also allowed.

When calculating the total amount that will be paid to a family for the decedent’s lost wages, the decedent’s gross earnings and fringe benefits expected between the date of death and end of his or her life expectancy are combined.

Probable costs and estimates may have to be used for certain factors such as the amount the decedent may have contributed for living expenses, clothing, shelter or other such items. Families may also seek mental and physical suffering compensation. This compensation is not for the suffering of the family but instead for the suffering the decedent faced after an injury but before death.

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