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There is no excuse for a never event injury

Wrong-site, -procedure and –patient surgeries are horrifying for the people involved and their loved ones. There is nothing more shocking than waking up with the wrong organ missing, the wrong procedure performed on your body or even having received a surgery you didn’t need. When these kinds of medical mistakes take place, there is no question that someone must get held accountable.

These medical errors are called never events, because they should never happen in a medical setting. Despite how easy it is to avoid these errors, they still happen frequently. What can be done about these errors?

One of the initiatives designed to help is called “sign your site.” With this initiative, surgeons and other medical providers draw on the body part that is to receive surgery. That mark is then identified and checked by multiple people, guaranteeing that the correct area of the body is treated.

Even with site marking, there is a risk of mistakes. If the wrong part of the body is marked or if the mark is confusing, someone may still make an error and perform a surgery in the wrong place. There has to be a strict protocol that states whether marks mean to work on someone in the location or if the marks mean that the area is to be avoided.

Medical malpractice claims arise from instances like those above. Patients who suffer at the hands of negligent medical providers do have a right to pursue a claim and attempt to recover compensation. Our website has more information on what to do next.

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