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Pit bull attacks: More likely than other breeds

There are people who argue that pit bulls are safe animals to be around. In many cases, it’s true that the person who raises an animal has much to do with how it behaves. The problem is that genetics do play a role in an animal’s temperament, and pit bulls have been bred to be strong, dominating animals.

Looking at statistics from level 1 trauma centers, it’s been found that there is a higher incidence of pit bull injuries than all other breeds of dogs. As of the latest data in 2016, all the major regions in the United States have reported the same findings. Medical studies have been careful to scrutinize these injuries, so they could be tracked appropriately.

What the study has shown is that there is an urgency to addressing the risk of pit bull-related injuries. These injuries are often more severe than injuries caused by other dogs because pit bulls are more likely to bite in multiple locations when compared to less aggressive breeds. In a five-year study, pit bulls were responsible for 51 percent of all pediatric dog bite victims’ injuries at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Pit bull bites were also associated with a higher median injury score and thus posed a higher risk of hospital admission. There was also a higher risk of death associated with pit bull bites. With further research, it’s been shown that similar findings were made across the United States’ geographical areas.

Operative interventions to correct serious injuries were more likely with pit bull bites as well, according to the data. These could be as much as three times more likely as compared to injuries from other dog breeds.

These statistics show the reality of pit bull bites in the United States. If you’re attacked, know your rights. You may be able to file a claim for compensation.

Source:, “Special Report: Level 1 Trauma Center Dog Bite Studies in All U.S. Geographical Regions Report; Pit Bulls Highest Prevalence,” accessed Sep. 08, 2017

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