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Insurance often covers dog bite injuries

Dogs are a popular pet in Pennsylvania, and you find it difficult to find someone who does not adore these cute animals. However, as you already know, pets are still animals who can act in very animalistic ways. You also know that dog bite injuries can be extremely traumatic in more than one way.

Dog bite victims usually need to seek prompt medical care. Treatment can be expensive and painful, and in some cases, recovery times can be long. Like others who have dealt with the devastating experience of a dog bite, you may have had to take time off work to focus on your recovery. If you are seeking compensation, here are a few things you might want to know about who will pay for your injuries.

Homeowner’s insurance

Homeowner’s insurance often includes liability coverage for animal bites. The average amount of coverage ranges from about $100,000 to $300,000, although that figure might be lower in certain situations. Bites that happen off the homeowner’s property generally have reduced coverage. For instance, if an owner was walking his or her dog at the park when it bit you, then the insurance might not cover as much as you hope.

Data from the Insurance Information Institute indicates that there were approximately 16,500 homeowner’s insurance claims for dog bites in the year 2012 alone. These claims involved an average of about $30,000 in damages.

Car insurance

If you suffered a dog bite through the window of car rather than on an owner’s property or at the park, car insurance might end up covering your damages. Some homeowner’s policies exclude dog bite injuries in cars, but many car insurance policies will cover this exact scenario.

In some situations, both car and homeowner’s insurance might cover a dog bite. When this happens, the insurance companies will usually argue back and forth about which entity is responsible for compensation. While you should not be involved in these proceedings, dragged out arguing can make it hard to get the compensation you need.

What if there is no insurance?

Maybe the dog’s owner does not have homeowner’s or car insurance. Perhaps they do have insurance, but because of a previous claim against the dog, the company no longer covers bites involving that particular animal. In these types of situations, you can still bring your claim against the owner.

Getting the compensation ou deserve is essential for your recovery. It is not uncommon for dog bite injuries to cause significant and long-lasting pain and suffering, not to mention the emotional and financial struggles you are probably facing. For guidance on filing a claim for your injuries, be sure to consider speaking with an experienced Pennsylvania attorney.

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