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How to avoid deadly car accidents during the fall season

Driving in the fall season offers quite a bit of beauty to enjoy. It can also be one of the most dangerous times of the year to get behind the wheel. From an influx of deer to back-to-school traffic, the fall season brings with it a lot of hazards that can cause some tragic and deadly car accidents in the Greensburg area.

The Northeast offers some of the most dramatic foliage one could ask for in the fall. Because of this, many people take to the roads for scenic drives throughout Pennsylvania. Another thing the autumn season is known for is an influx of deer. It’s mating season for deer, which means they will be out in abundance at dawn and dusk. Keep your eyes peeled when driving at these times for deer on the side of the road.

Once leaves begin to fall from trees, they can become a serious hazard to motorists in all types of vehicles. The leaves can hide potholes and debris on the roads that motorists might not see until it’s too late. Leaves that become wet due to rain or frost can cause your vehicle’s tires to lose their traction on the pavement. Avoid leaves at all costs when driving.

Sun glare is another problem that can cause deadly car accidents in the fall. Since the sun is lower in the sky, sun glare in the morning and evening can blind you when behind the wheel. Wear sunglasses and even pull safely off the road if you are having trouble seeing.

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