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Compensation for victims of nursing home abuse and malpractice

When a Pennsylvania family places a loved one in a nursing home, it is crucial to do a careful review of the facility, staff and type of care that the family member will be receiving. However, despite due diligence on the part of the patient’s family, nursing homes can actually be the source of great trauma and injury to the people who live there.

If you suspect that your loved one is not receiving quality care at his or her nursing home, you have the right to take action. In fact, you could have grounds for a civil claim if you have evidence to prove negligence or any other type of abuse. The mistreatment or neglect of nursing home residents is unacceptable, and as a family member, you do not have to stand for it.

What counts as nursing home abuse?

When people enter a nursing home, it is because they are unable to live independently for either a physical or mental reason. Sadly, these individuals are particularly vulnerable to mistreatment, and nursing home abuse can come in many forms. Financial exploitation, physical abuse, neglect and medical malpractice could all fall into the category of nursing home abuse or negligence.

Fighting for your loved one

If you have evidence that your loved one was mistreated in any way, you likely feel shocked, angry and overwhelmed. However, it may be possible to hold liable parties accountable by filing a lawsuit. In order to know if you actually have a valid claim, it can be useful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have proof that the facility had a duty to provide my loved one with an acceptable standard of care?
  • Did the facility violate this standard of care either through malicious intent, inaction or negligence?
  • Was the violation of the facility’s duty to my loved one the reason that he or she suffered harm?

Your answers to these questions will determine if you have grounds to move forward with a civil claim in an effort to collect financial compensation. While a financial remedy will not reverse what happened to your loved one, it can help your family move forward with your lives.

Standing up for victims of abuse

Any type of nursing home abuse is grounds for legal action. As a relative of a person who was unable to protect himself or herself at the time, you have the right to speak up, stand up for your family member’s interests and take legal action on his or her behalf.

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