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Brain injuries: When your loved one pays the cost

The details may be a blur, but you will likely never forget the emotions you experienced that day. The memory of the phone call, the rush to the hospital, the solemn face of the doctor may come to mind frequently.

Your primary concern at this point is finding the best care for your loved one following the accident that left him or her with a traumatic brain injury. You may not know where to turn or what to expect, and that helpless feeling is certainly frustrating.

Expecting the unexpected

Depending on the severity of your loved one’s injury and the location in the brain where the trauma occurred, your loved one may experience a variety of symptoms with varying intensity. Some of these may fade with time, and others will likely remain for the rest of your loved one’s life. In other words, doctors may not be able to predict exactly how the accident will affect your loved one. Areas of skill that a brain injury typically affect include:

  • Ability to understand or communicate
  • Ability to control one’s behavior
  • Ability to express appropriate emotions
  • Ability to interact socially
  • Ability to perform occupational tasks

As difficult as it is to watch your loved one struggle in these areas and suffer from the physical pain of the injury, it may be a small comfort to know that millions of families across the nation understand your burden because they also have family members with traumatic brain injuries.

They also understand the enormous cost of quality care for an injury of this type. In fact, treatment for a brain injury may reach $3 million over the lifetime of the victim.

Seeking help in your time of need

There is no question that your loved one has a long road ahead and that all the money in the world won’t change the fact that things will never be the same for your family. However, money will allow you to find quality care and provide the treatment and resources your loved one needs as he or she recovers and moves on with life. If you are wondering how to afford the medical bills and other expenses your loved one needs, you may wish to speak to a lawyer.

One person’s carelessness has brought your family a lifetime of struggle. A personal injury lawyer will fight for you to hold those responsible for their negligent actions that resulted in your loved one’s injuries. You want an attorney who will understand your family’s suffering and advocate for your loved one’s cause.

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