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Road trip safety tips for families

As spring rolls around, many families are starting to plan vacations for the summer. Road tripping can be a fun experience and a cost-efficient alternative to flying. It is important for families to keep safety in mind when preparing though. Here are some tips to keep your family safe on the road:

1. Have your car examined.

You cannot embark on a road trip without a vehicle. Before the trip, take your car to the shop and get it tuned up. You may need new tires, an oil change or other regular maintenance. Make sure everything is in working order so you do not have to worry about breaking down hours from home.

2. Get lots of sleep and plan meals.

Driving while tired or fatigued is far more dangerous than people realize. Get plenty of sleep the night before your trip.

Eating while driving is also very dangerous. Eat before you leave and plan meal stops along the way. If you get hungry while driving, it is far better to briefly pull over for a break than to risk an accident.

3. Secure all luggage safely.

When vacationing, you will likely have a lot of luggage to bring. Make sure everything is packed safely into the trunk and that there are no loose objects or bags that could be thrown through the car if you stopped suddenly. If you are using a car top carrier or trailer, check that it is secured to your car properly.

4. Leave early if needed.

You may not have a particular time frame or schedule for your vacation, but if you are trying to get to a destination at a certain time, always leave early. Otherwise, there may be a temptation to speed or drive aggressively to make up the time.

5. Drive safely around trucks.

On freeways around Pennsylvania and throughout the country, it is inevitable that you will encounter semi-trucks. You should be extra careful around these vehicles, as they are less maneuverable than cars and cause devastating damage in an accident.

Always be aware of a truck’s blind spots and avoid driving in them. If you can safely pass a truck, that may be the best option to lower risks on the road. Switch lanes and let the truck have time to see you before starting to pass. Pass quickly and leave plenty of room before switching lanes again.

These tips will help to keep your family safe, but accidents can still happen. If you find yourself in a crash, a skilled personal injury attorney can worry about the next legal steps as you deal with any damages and injuries.

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