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Pedestrians have a right to cross the road safely

In Pennsylvania, there are laws that were created to protect pedestrians. Pedestrians are some of the most at-risk people on or near the roads. They have no protection against an accident, and accidents tend to cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Vehicle drivers must yield to the right-of-way of pedestrians in marked or unmarked crosswalks, according to state law. Failing to do so results in two points being added to their driver’s license and a fine of $50. As a pedestrian, you need to know what a crosswalk is, so you can cross safely.

What is a crosswalk?

In Pennsylvania, a crosswalk is any section between an intersection that is connected with lateral lines. They may also be any portion of a roadway where there is an indication that the area is for pedestrian crossing. Lines or markings are sufficient to prove that the portion of the roadway was intended for crossing.

Drivers must also yield when they pull out of their driveways, alleyways or private roads. Pedestrians who are walking on sidewalks that cross the driveway, alleyway or road have the right-of-way. If a driver fails to stop for the pedestrian, the individual faces three points on his or her license.

Pennsylvanian law also prohibits drivers from passing or overtaking those who have stopped at a crosswalk to allow pedestrians to cross. This law prevents a vehicle from overtaking a stopped vehicle and hitting unsuspecting pedestrians.

Y have rights as a pedestrian. If you’re hit because someone breaks the law, you can file a claim. Our website has more information about what to do next.

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