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Memes and other social media distract many drivers

Root Insurance has shared the results of an online study conducted by Wakefield Research that may interest drivers in Pennsylvania. The study focused on distracted driving and involved nearly 2,000 US. drivers. One thing that became clear was that few are ignorant of the dangers of distracted driving. Even individuals who engage in it are critical of others who do.

Almost half of the respondents marked distracted driving as their main worry while on the road. Using a phone while driving was recognized by 99% of those surveyed as being among the top three most distracting activities, and 89% said they would give Lyft or Uber drivers who texted while driving a bad rating. A whopping 90% rated themselves as better drivers than ride-hailing drivers.

However, the respondents used their phones while behind the wheel for an average of 13 minutes each day. Group chats were the most likely to take drivers’ attention from the road and onto their phones (52%) followed by social media (33%). Social media included things like newsfeeds and even memes. Lastly, 18% admitted to streaming shows, movie trailers and other videos on the road.

It appeared that the presence of law enforcement is sometimes not enough to dissuade drivers. Nearly two in five respondents said they do not put down their phones even when police are around.

When auto accidents involve a distracted driver, victims may want to see a lawyer about filing a claim. An attorney may determine if they are eligible for compensation under Pennsylvania’s modified comparative negligence rule. If they are, a lawyer may then hire third parties, like crash investigators, to obtain a copy of the defendant’s phone records, for example, as proof of negligence. Victims may leave all negotiations to their lawyer, litigating only if a settlement cannot be agreed upon.

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