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Man dies as vehicle turns through a funeral procession

When you see a funeral procession on the roads, the kind and legal thing to do is to wait for it to pass before continuing on your drive. Typically, at least one police officer rides with the procession. Sometimes, there is one officer at the front and another at the rear. It’s usually easy to see who is in the procession, since funeral homes give out flags to mark each vehicle. When drivers don’t observe the procession and break the line, it causes trouble and can result in injuries. In this case, it left a motorcyclist dead.

Sadly, a man was riding his motorcycle in a procession for a friend who had died in a motorcycle crash when he was struck and killed. The 21-year-old man was with around 15 others who were also on motorcycles at the time. They were following the hearse.

The man had lagged behind the main group while following the procession. As he sped up to catch up, someone looking to turn pulled out in the gap in the procession to make a left-hand turn. The man did not have time to stop, and he hit the car head on.

He was not the last person in the funeral procession, so no driver should have been attempting to break the line. The wife of the previously deceased rider was behind the young man in a car.

This tragic story could have been prevented. If you lose a loved one like this, it’s your right to make sure you’re fairly compensated for your loss.

Source:, “Motorcyclist dies in crash during funeral procession for motorcyclist killed in crash,” Christine Vendel, Aug. 08, 2017

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