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Low-speed impact, serious consequences

A car accident has the potential to change your life in an instant, even if it was a low-speed collision. People often dismiss low-speed impacts because they believe they are minor, but in reality, these types of accidents can cause serious injuries and substantial damage. Even a minor accident can cause major damage for innocent victims.

If you suffered because of the negligent or reckless actions of another Pennsylvania driver, you may have certain legal options available to you. Whether you were hurt in a low-speed impact or a major highway collision, you always have the right to know your options. You could be entitled to financial compensation, even for a low-speed crash.

The potentially serious nature of a “minor” car accident

It doesn’t take a major collision to cause significant damage. In fact, when certain factors are present, it is possible that a low-speed impact will inflict serious damage on an innocent driver or passenger. Some of the things that may determine the consequences that an accident can include:

  • The type of vehicle
  • The speed that both vehicles were traveling at the time of the accident
  • The direction of both vehicles
  • The weight of the vehicles
  • The location of the impact
  • The placement of the seat’s back and headrest

Any of the above may have played a role in the injuries you received and the type of suffering you experienced after your car accident. You would be wise to remember that it is not necessarily the speed of the impact that determines the severity of the consequences or if you have a valid personal injury claim.

Experts consider low-speed car accidents to be those involving speeds up to 25 miles per hour. It is impossible to predict how a car accident will affect you, but you always have the right to know your options, even if you are unsure if you may have a case.

Your rights as a victim

If your accident was the result of the careless, reckless or negligent actions of another driver, you will find it beneficial to take quick action to protect your interests. You have the right to a full and fair recovery, which could include recovery of your medical bills and rehabilitation needs. You do not have to walk through the claims process alone, but you may reach out to an experienced attorney to better understand your options.

A low-speed impact may have left you injured and confused, but with the right help, you can hold liable parties accountable for your pain and suffering.

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