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Insurance company releases safest, riskiest cities list

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 6,452,000 motorists across the country were involved in car accidents in the year 2017. The biggest, busiest cities in the nation were also where the most accidents were concentrated. The America’s Safe Drivers Report 2019, released by Allstate Insurance, ranks the 200 largest metropolitan areas nationwide based on how often drivers there get into crashes. Many of the cities are on the East Coast, including at least one in Pennsylvania.

The city with the most dangerous drivers in the country, according to the list, is Baltimore, and the most dangerous road in Baltimore is Highway 695. Washington, D.C., was ranked as second-most dangerous. There were six California cities in the top 15 most dangerous, with Los Angeles coming in at number 6 and Glendale at number 5. Philadelphia was ranked 11th most dangerous. The Allstate report said Roosevelt Boulevard was the riskiest road in Philadelphia.

Allstate also put out a list of the cities with the safest drivers, based on the average number of years drivers went between motor vehicle accidents. Topping that list was Brownsville, Texas, where drivers went an average of 14.95 years between accidents. Boise had the second safest drivers, who went 13.65 years between accidents. The safe driver list was made up predominantly of cities in states, where populations are more spread out.

Motor vehicle collisions can result in catastrophic injuries. When it can be determined that the car accident was due to the negligence of another motorist, victims might want to have a lawyer’s assistance when seeking compensation for their losses.

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