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Determining the severity of car crash injuries and damage

There are several steps that drivers must take after a car accident in Pennsylvania. If they do everything correctly, they will have an easier time filing their auto insurance claim. The first step is to remain calm; that way, one will be able to remember the details more clearly.

If anyone is in need of emergency care, it’s important to call 911 right away. If the vehicles are in a dangerous place, they should be moved. Ideally, though, everything should be left as is. Then begins the process of physically documenting details, namely the severity of the injuries and vehicle damage. Drivers can take pictures of any skid marks and damaged property, such as light poles and trees. A list should be made of missing or damaged personal property, such as electronic devices and glasses.

Drivers should then get the names and numbers of any eyewitnesses, making sure not to argue with them over differences in their accounts of the crash. It’s also wise to note any physical ailments that emerge as a result of the crash. Even a slight backache should be noted as it could lead to a severe condition later on.

What the police find will, to a large extent, determine legal liability for both sides. In Pennsylvania, those who are deemed less negligent than the other side can recover damages. However, it will likely take an attorney who practices auto accident law to make the claim successful. A victim may hire a lawyer, who in turn might bring in medical experts and other third parties to build up the case. The lawyer could be able to negotiate for a settlement out of court.

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