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Car accidents spike on Fourth of July

Every year, millions of Americans take to the roads to celebrate the nation’s independence. On average, individuals and families travel around 50 miles to spend time at parks, lakes, beaches and the homes of friends and family. Unfortunately, this results in an unusually high amount of automobile accidents. Thousands of people get injured during the weekend, and hundreds of injuries result in fatalities. This makes the Fourth of July weekend one of the most dangerous of the year.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association estimates that nearly 40 million vehicles will be on the roadways this July 4. Data from 2008 to 2017 shows that more than 125 vehicle fatalities occur on the holiday itself per year, and more than a hundred also occur on July 5. While accidents also occur from fireworks and other recreational activities, driving remains the most dangerous.

According to research by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the leading causes of this phenomenon. The Fourth of July weekend has higher beer sales than any other holiday, including New Year’s Eve and Saint Patrick’s Day. Investigators find that about half of all road fatalities during Independence Day celebrations occur due to alcohol.

Victims of car accidents around the Fourth of July may have the right to compensation from the responsible party. When an intoxicated driver causes injury or death, a court may find them financially liable for a variety of end-of-life expenses, including medical bills pain and suffering. A lawyer who represents one or more victims may negotiate for a settlement or file a lawsuit.

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