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A complex bone break may need surgery to repair

Broken bones are tricky injuries to address. They can range in severity from hairline fractures to compound or open fractures, and depending on where the break occurs, repair could prove difficult. If you suffer a broken bone that does not heal properly, you could find yourself having to contend with lasting damage and possible limitations when it comes to movement and use of the damaged area.

Despite the potential severity of broken bones, they are not uncommon injuries. Numerous activities that individuals willingly participate in could lead to such outcomes, but other events, such as car accidents, could also lead to serious injuries. If you suffer a complex bone break in such an accident, you may need bone fracture repair.

Serious breaks

Typically, doctors can set broken bones with stints or casts that allow the bone to remain immobile while it more or less heals on its own. However, when the break proves particularly severe or occurs at a joint, medical professionals may need to put forth more extensive efforts to treat the injury. If so, bone fracture repair may be the most viable course of action.

Though it has a simple name, bone fracture repair actually involves a serious surgical procedure that uses metal tools — like screws, pins and plates — to hold the bone in place while it heals. Because of the seriousness of any surgical procedure, you may worry if your doctor tells you that you need this type of treatment. Of course, you want your injury to heal as best as possible, so you will likely agree to move forward.

Determining necessity

In order to determine whether bone fracture repair is necessary, doctors typically utilize various tests so they can see where the injury took place and notice any complications that may be present. Imaging tests typically include X-rays, MRIs and CT scans. While these procedures may be necessary to ensure that doctors have the correct information, they can also prove expensive to undergo.


Though bone fracture repair can do its job and help your injury heal properly, you could also face complications. As with any surgery that involves anesthesia, you could suffer from an allergic reaction or other related issue. Additionally, you could face issues involving blood clots, excessive bleeding or even infections.

Seeking compensation

If you had to undergo this serious procedure due to suffering a complex bone break in a car accident caused by another person, you may want to consider your legal options for seeking compensation. Filing a personal injury claim could help you take such action and pursue justice for the hardships you have endured.

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