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AAA study links high-tech dashboards to distracted driving

If you own or have recently been in a late model vehicle, you may have noticed that the dashboard console is considerably more advanced than you've seen in the past. These vehicle "infotainment systems" aim to make for a better driving experience, with numerous features and touch-screen controls, but are these high-tech dashboards taking our eyes off the road?

Woman accused of murder after causing a fatal crash

A woman is facing murder charges for a crash she allegedly caused in Bucks County. The Sept. 23 report states that the woman now faces a third-degree murder charge for driving while she was under the influence of drugs. The 30-year-old woman is accused of causing the fatal crash that took the life of a 21-year-old man and seriously injured his girlfriend.

7 hit in serious crash recovering after near tragedy

Imagine taking a leisurely stroll with your family. You're all in one place, and it's a great time spent together. Suddenly, a driver comes out of nowhere, speeding through a residential area. You can't get out of the way, and all of you, including your children and other loved ones, are hit.

School's back: Stay safe by slowing down

With many schools back in session, it's a good time to talk about slowing down on the roads. When school is in session, the roads get congested, and that can be frustrating to drivers on their way to work or other activities. It's important to slow down, though, especially in school zones. Doing so saves lives and prevents accidents.

New laws penalizes those who text behind the wheel harshly

Imagine being involved in an accident. Just before you got into the crash, you noticed that the driver didn't even look up. She was looking down, and you believe it was because she was checking her text messages. Later, you find out that she was sending texts, and that's the entire reason that you're suffering from injuries.

Limited Tort(e) is no dessert

Often clients seek advice after they've been struck by another driver in a motor vehicle accident, and suffered injuries. They have a lot of questions and specifically they want to know whether they may pursue a lawsuit for injuries sustained, pain and suffering, and damages. In most cases we are able to assist clients with success in their cases, particularly when they are not at fault for the accident. However in some cases we are not able to help. This is because in these cases clients unfortunately have selected what is called "limited tort" motor vehicle insurance which restricts their ability to recover damages when they're not at fault. Not realizing the impact of their decision to save money, after an accident, their decision is met with regret.

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