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Are operating rooms required to be silent?

When you go to the hospital for a surgery, something you should wonder about is how much noise there is in the operating room. Interestingly, there are actually recommendations for how loud operating rooms should be. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has previously recommended that the continuous background noise in hospitals should be limited to 45 decibels, which is still enough to disrupt someone's concentration.

Cellphones lead to distractions in operating rooms

Distracted doctors shouldn't be treating patients. Whether they're thinking about something other than the patient's care or just want to do something else, that doctor is putting the patient at risk. Medical errors are already a serious cause for concern and a leading cause of deaths in America. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that around one person dies each day as a result of injuries.

Nursing errors patients need to watch out for

When nurses and doctors are new to the job, it's not uncommon for them to make errors. This is partially why some medical providers go through years of training in hospitals doing rounds with other professionals. The people who have been working in the field longer help train them and catch mistakes to prevent patients from suffering from injuries.

There is no excuse for a never event injury

Wrong-site, -procedure and –patient surgeries are horrifying for the people involved and their loved ones. There is nothing more shocking than waking up with the wrong organ missing, the wrong procedure performed on your body or even having received a surgery you didn't need. When these kinds of medical mistakes take place, there is no question that someone must get held accountable.

Child suffers brain injury after fetal monitoring lapse

When you have a child, you want your child to be happy and healthy. If a doctor makes a mistake that puts your child's life at risk, you have every right to be upset and to pursue a claim. Medical negligence can and does take lives or cause serious injuries that are difficult to live with.

What should I ask a doctor before accepting a treatment plan?

As a patient, the last thing you ever want to hear is that something went wrong with your treatment. An error could mean years of recovery, lasting pain or irreversible injuries. To help prevent injuries, it's a good idea to look into questions to ask your doctor. By being your own advocate, you can help eliminate the risk of injuries.

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