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What makes a dog a dangerous dog?

When you think of a dangerous dog, what comes to mind? Is it a dog that barks all the time, one that seems aggressive on a leash or one that has a history of causing harm to other animals or people? Dangerous dogs can be all of these things and more.

What happens after a dog bite?

You love your pet, and you want to make sure he can go with you to parks, playgrounds, beaches and other fun places. As a responsible pet owner, you've gotten your pet training and always keep him leashed. That wasn't the case when a dog attacked you, though.

What kind of infections do dog bites cause?

Every year, around 2 percent of the American population suffers from dog bites. With around 77.5 million dogs within the country, it would be difficult to prevent them all from occurring. One thing that is particularly important to remember is that regardless of the dog's nature, all dogs have a propensity to bite when they are ill, mistreated, angry or scared.

After a dog bite, you can help your child heal emotionally

There is nothing worse than seeing your child suffer from severe injuries from a neighborhood pet. You normally trust your neighbors and allow your child to greet them and their pets when they see them, but today was different. The dog was tired or wanted to protect its owner, and in doing so, your child got hurt.

What can you do if you're attacked at a dog park?

Dog parks are great places to meet other people, pets and to have a relaxing day. Your dog can go off-leash legally, and most dogs are friendly and not territorial since the park is common ground. Most of the time, dogs don't cause any problems at the dog parks, and even if there is a minor scuffle, owners can step in and prevent any injuries from occurring.

Pit bull attacks: More likely than other breeds

There are people who argue that pit bulls are safe animals to be around. In many cases, it's true that the person who raises an animal has much to do with how it behaves. The problem is that genetics do play a role in an animal's temperament, and pit bulls have been bred to be strong, dominating animals.

Dog bites: Millions suffer annually

With millions of dogs in the United States, it's no surprise that you hear about dog bites taking place. Even the best-trained animals sometimes lash out due to sickness or fear. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 4.5 million people suffer from dog bites each year. It's typically children who are bit, with those between the ages of 5 and 9 most likely to suffer an injury.

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